Fatigue strength testing: the correct drive technology for every testing application


Durable component design has always been a vital issue in the aerospace and automotive industries. One driving factor in these sectors in recent years, indeed decades, has been lightweight construction; safety and life expectancy are critical design elements here. The same approach is naturally applied to other fields, for example in designing hip prostheses or bicycle forks.

The constant use of new materials, including composites such as FRP and CFRP, necessitates appropriate testing before these can be employed in safety-critical applications.

Different materials and components call for different testing technologies. With this in mind Zwick has made considerable investments in the development of dynamic testing machines and drive technologies in recent years and can supply a drive concept to suit every testing application.

  • Electro-mechanical testing actuators provide a modular concept for lower frequencies to 1 Hz and 50 kN
  • The linear testing machine (LTM) is a new dynamic testing machine range with a drive based on linear motor technology. The drive was developed specifically for testing technology and is patented by Zwick.
  • The completely new Vibrophore range (resonance testing machines) offers very high testing frequencies at very low operating costs. Testing frequencies up to 285 Hz are possible.
  • Servo-hydraulic testing machines with standardized load-frame concept deliver maximum flexibility for every application.

This wide range of drive technologies makes Zwick the only testing machine manufacturer able to provide impartial advice regarding the drive concept. The same testing software and controller technology are used for all testing machines, reducing the need for training in day-to-day laboratory operation.

All the testing machines referred to above can be used as both static and dynamic testing machines. This is made possible by the use of testControl II electronics in combination with the proven testXpert testing software.